Mikko Saari in English

This is the business home page of Mikko Saari, a Finnish WordPress developer, copywriter, SEO grunt and board game translator. Since I’m mostly interested in the Finnish market, the site’s in Finnish. I’ve got here a presentation of various things I’ve done and a blog containing mostly WordPress tips and tricks.

The English content is fairly scarce, mostly limited to the home page of my improved WordPress search plugin Relevanssi. Check that out, especially if you use WordPress as a CMS or just need a better search to replace the disgusting WordPress default search.

If you’re looking for a board and card game expert in Finland, I’m your man. I know all about modern board games (the stuff BoardGameGeek mostly covers) and traditional card games. I’ve written books on both topics. I run the biggest Finnish board game web site, Lautapeliopas. I also translate games from English and German to Finnish; contact me if you’re interested in getting your game translated. My expertise is solid and rates moderate.

Here’s some links to my English-language sites:

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  1. Mikko Saari

    No, Relevanssi doesn’t access admin-ajax.php.

  2. George


    My name is George, and I am working with Aikido Kenkyukai in Santa Barbara, California [aksb.org]. We are currently receiving feedback from our host, HostGator, that we must check all of our plugins for use of admin-ajax.php because it is taking up too much processing time on their server.

    Does you Relevanssi plugin access this file [admin-ajax.php]? If so, how does it do so, and could it be responsible for causing the processing spike?


  3. Mikko Saari

    I switched the collation for the term field to utf8_general_ci and it started working.

  4. Mikko Saari

    Ok, I digged around a bit, and the problem is not in Relevanssi, but in MySQL. For some reason MySQL refuses to make a match. I’ll have to see what can be done.

  5. Mikko Saari

    Yes, there are problems, some characters are eliminated as non-letters. I’m not sure why, as the plugin uses multibyte string operations and Finnish UTF-8 characters work properly. For now the plugin doesn’t work with unusual characters. Could you try some characters used in Romanian and tell me what works and what doesn’t, so I can test things and maybe fix it?

  6. LazyPawn

    I like the plugin. There is a problem however with languages that use non-standard characters. Those symbols are not recognized, indexed or found when performing a search. For example a word like ”maşină” (meaning ”car” in Romanian) is seen as ”ma?in?”. Is the utf-8 compatibility lacking?